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It's your turn

Product owners who want to be part of the CORA community. This can form part of your Corporate Social Responsibility programme by integrating CORA functionality from an existing application with zero changes required to the interface.

Turn your app into something more than ‘your’ app. Do what you do and then do more by contributing to the CORA community.

If you are interested in using the SDK in your applications, please contact us with the form at the bottom of the screen. 

What product owners tell us
  • Users not getting the best experience from our apps 
  • Want to be part of helping society 
  • Apps not generating enough revenue
  • Difficult to get noticed on the app stores 
How CORA can help
  • Simple SDK integration and API calls
  • Simplified layouts (removal of display advertising banners and modals)
  • Better user experience via non-intrusive revenue model
  • Additional income
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Android App

Tell us about your app

MeaCORA is looking for partners that will join us in progressing science and get exposure while helping good causes

Simple integration runs MeaCORA in the background of games and productivity apps, in the browser, iOS or Android, using less power than a banner ad.


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